NDP withholds analysis on transmission line location - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

Selinger NDP refuses to release rationale behind location of hydro line in southeast: Smook

The Selinger NDP refuses to release any analysis guiding the decisions around the routing of the hydro line set to run from northwest Winnipeg to the border with Minnesota.

Official Opposition MLAs have repeatedly asked Manitoba Hydro for the analysis affecting towns, villages and landowners.

“This government has a history of refusing to reveal how and why it interferes in Hydro decisions affecting people’s land and livelihood,” said La Verendrye MLA Dennis Smook. “This is BiPole III all over again.”

Smook moved a resolution in the legislature today asking the minister responsible for Hydro, Eric Robinson, to immediately release the reasons for the selection of the preferred route of the Manitoba-Minnesota transmission line. However, the NDP majority ensured it would not come to a vote.

“Instead of the open and transparent government Manitobans deserve, they’re just getting more secrecy and more broken promises from a broken government,” said Ralph Eichler, Opposition critic for Manitoba Hydro.

According to what the NDP is calling the preferred route, the Manitoba-Minnesota power line will run directly through many densely populated communities in southeastern Manitoba.

Last week in the legislature, Robinson said the routing for the line was decided a long time ago, yet according to a Hydro news release, the final route wasn’t selected until September 2015.