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We will roll back the NDP PST increase: Pallister

Manitobans have a right to vote on tax increases in a referendum or a general election. We believe this to be true regardless of whether it’s a binding legal requirement or not.

Progressive Conservatives held the NDP to account during a record session of the Legislature when the PST was hiked. We fulfilled our promise to Manitobans to take the NDP to court if we had no other recourse. We will now take our case to the court of public opinion in a general election.

“The premier needs to call an election for the spring of 2015. He ran in the last election on a promise not to raise taxes and to balance the budget. This means he has a counterfeit mandate and he needs a real mandate from the people of Manitobans if he hopes to hold power,” said Opposition Leader Brian Pallister.

If the people of Manitoba elect a PC Government we will roll back the PST to seven percent during our first mandate. We will give Manitobans the right to vote on major tax increases whether they are enshrined in law or not.

The NDP needs to run, not hide. The NDP is hiding behind spin and needs to run on its PST hike. If the NDP truly believe this is the will of the people the premier should call an election and stand behind his actions.