No Doctors Means No Access - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

Many rural hospitals have no doctor serving the community and that’s not access: Driedger

In 2011 the NDP pledged that every Manitoban who wanted a family doctor would have one by 2015.  Four years later some communities have no doctor at all.

“Manitobans need access to healthcare and if they have no doctors in communities they have no access to healthcare.  The NDP has failed rural Manitobans.  It doesn’t appear to have any idea how to address the problem so is choosing to ignore it,” said Health Critic Myrna Driedger. 

According to data gained through freedom of information request, the Northern Health Region has 15 vacancies for doctors.  The Interlake-Eastern RHA is short 30 doctors and the Prairie Mountain Health Region is short over 40 doctors. 

“The reality for people living in our area, is that failure of provincial and regional policy will mean they won’t have reasonable access to basic health care, something that should be the right of every Manitoban,” said Reeve for the Municipality of Two Borders Debbie McMechan. 

Since coming to power 15 years ago the NDP has lost 2,300 doctors to other jurisdictions and has the worst record of physician retention in the country.