Not Too Late for Debate on Hydro - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

NDP leadership candidates can save billions by committing to reroute Bipole III: Pallister

Today, Opposition Leader Brian Pallister called on NDP leadership hopefuls to stand up for Manitobans and commit to rerouting Hydro transmission line Bipole III to the east side of Lake Winnipeg.

“This is an opportunity to reset the debate on the most important project currently being undertaken by Manitoba Hydro and the province.  We demand the next potential premier tell Manitobans if they will take steps to keep Manitobans’ Hydro bills low,” said Pallister. 

When first sold to ratepayers, the transmission line was budgeted at $1.1 billion, but the price tag has skyrocketed to $4.6 billion.  The next NDP premier has the power to keep rates low, but only if he or she makes wise choices now. 

We are calling on candidates to tell Manitobans if they are prepared to throw away $2 billion by going down the west side of the lake, or if they will truly be different from the current leader.