Pallister brings his message to Manitobans

PC team will bring better plan to Manitobans all across the province: Pallister

Outreach and community consultation have been a priority for Progressive Conservative Leader Brian Pallister and the PC team. We have listened and it is now time to take our better plan for a better future directly to Manitobans.

“Genuine change begins with listening to Manitobans in their homes and communities to bring forward a plan based on their values,” said Pallister. “Trust, compassion, common sense, inclusion and teamwork are the Manitoba values that form the basis and set the direction for our better plan for a better future we will take across the province.”

Pallister will travel thousands of kilometres to meet directly with Manitobans. Our tour plan will be one of the most ambitious in provincial history, bringing fresh energy and new ideas to the people of Manitoba.

The November 2015 Association of Manitoba Municipalities leaders’ debate in Brandon was an important opportunity to provide Manitobans with a real choice between the high-tax policies of the NDP and Liberals and the lower-tax PC plan. Pallister will participate in four additional leaders’ debates during the upcoming election period.

In addition, the PC Leader will host three telephone town halls to be scheduled before and during the election to give Manitobans even more opportunities to hear directly from Brian, ask questions and gain a better understanding of his vision for Manitoba as Canada’s most improved province.

“Reaching out directly to Manitobans has been one of the most rewarding parts of my experience in public service,” said Pallister. “I look forward to the opportunity the coming election will provide to speak to Manitobans from every background, culture, walk of life and region, and to invite their input in getting Manitoba back on track.”