Pallister outlines fiscal recovery plan - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

Front-line services protected, 1% reduction in spending growth: Pallister

Opposition Leader Brian Pallister outlined his fiscal recovery plan at a speech to the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce today, assuring Manitobans front-line services will be protected.

“We’re talking about curtailing the growth in spending by 1 per cent – just the growth. We think that’s attainable for the simple reason that all governments are wasteful, but old, tired ones have turned wasteful spending into a science,” Pallister said.

To that end, Pallister stated a Progressive Conservative government would immediately do a value-for-money audit to see where government could work and shop smarter.

Efficiencies would also be found through modernizing contract tendering procedures by reducing barriers to participation such as forced unionization for government contracts, which is unfair and hurts small business and taxpayers.

“Yesterday in the Throne Speech the Selinger NDP promised in one day to fix everything they failed to do in 16 years. They are not serious about following through on any of these, as evidenced by the fact they have not even committed to a budget,” Pallister added. “They have no plan, and that’s a plan for failure.”

Pallister said he will provide a fully detailed and costed plan in the near future.