Pallister outlines plan to create jobs and economic growth

New private sector job creation key to sustainable growth: Pallister

Progressive Conservative Leader Brian Pallister today outlined a 10-point plan for jobs and economic growth as part of the PC Team’s Better Plan for a Better Manitoba.

“Under the Selinger NDP, Manitoba has experienced slow economic growth and declining job creation,” said Pallister. “It’s time for a new approach built on working with the private sector, not against it.”

The elements of the plan include:

1. Improving economic competitiveness by rolling back the PST to 7% and creating a red tape reduction task force.

2. Attracting new investment by establishing a comprehensive Access to Capital Strategy for job-creating venture capital.

3. Fostering a skilled workforce by investing in education results for students and focusing scholarships and skills training on current and emerging business needs.

4. Investing in infrastructure by at least $1 billion each year, in new strategic infrastructure that focuses on a clear return on investment for long-term economic growth.

5. Promoting Manitoba trade internationally and nationally by creating a Team Manitoba trade initiative to generate new business opportunities in target markets and joining the New West Partnership to create more procurement and investment opportunities here at home.

6. Encouraging new immigration by enhancing the Provincial Nominee Program to welcome more qualified and skilled immigrants from around the world as well as encouraging increased family immigration.

7. Building on Manitoba industrial strengths by developing targeted growth strategies for key sectors such as information technology, arts and new media, aerospace, agriculture and manufacturing.

8. Showcasing Manitoba tourism by expanding upon our Yes! North strategy with a broader, province-wide tourism promotion campaign.

9. Creating clean, green economic opportunities by supporting low-carbon growth opportunities and innovation.

10. Ensuring a strong financial foundation for growth by providing prudent financial management, investing in front line services, undertaking a comprehensive value-for-money review across departments and agencies, and offering transparent, accountable budgeting to Manitobans.

“There are lots of NDP ‘steady growth’ signs but few signs of actual steady growth,” said Pallister. “We need to get moving. Our 10-point plan is ready for action on day one.”