Pallister PCs pledge action to improve wait times

NDP inaction has led to longest waits in Canada: Pallister

A new Progressive Conservative government will act urgently to improve wait times for Manitobans seeking emergency medical care and priority procedures.

“When Manitobans need help, they should not be waiting longer than everywhere else in Canada to receive care,” said PC Leader Brian Pallister. “This is not acceptable.”

Selinger’s NDP has the worst record in health care in Canada. Under 17 years of the NDP, we lead the country in ER wait times and Manitobans are waiting too long for priority procedures like hip and knee replacements, cataract surgery, and receiving treatment for breast and prostate cancer.

Pallister outlined his plans to reduce wait times by striking a Wait Times Reduction Task Force of front-line health care experts. This task force will be given an aggressive mandate to recommend specific actions to shorten wait times in emergency rooms and for other priority procedures and treatments where we have ranked below the Canadian average.

The Wait Times Reduction Task Force would include:

  • Frontline workers, health care professionals, and impacted stakeholders charged with a specific and targeted mandate and reporting structure to start reporting back within 6 months.
  • An in-depth analysis of who is seeking treatment at ERs and for what conditions.
  • Identification of roadblocks and solutions to improving access.
  • Identification of opportunities to enhance the overall wellness of Manitobans including preventative measures.
  • Enhancement of the health care delivery system to ensure the needs of Manitobans are effectively met today and into the future.

“If you truly care, you care about results. And with a specific mandate and aggressive timelines we will shorten wait times for Manitoba patients. The health of our province counts on it,” added Pallister.




According to CIHI figures released December 2015, the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority oversees ER wait times of, on average, 5.7 hours, much longer than the national average of 3.1. Despite a national trend of ER wait times decreasing, under the NDP, Manitoba has continued to see a steady increase.

2014/2015 was the third year in a row under the NDP that a Winnipeg hospital - Concordia Hospital - has the dubious distinction of having the longest recorded ER waits in Canada with an average wait of 7 hours.

Manitoba has received an F for prostate cancer treatment wait times for more than five years, and a D in breast cancer treatment wait times for the past four years by Canada’s Wait Time Alliance.

Manitoba is the worst province west of the Maritimes for cataract surgeries. (CIHI)

Manitoba is the 2nd worst province west of the Maritimes for hip/knee replacements. (CIHI)