Pallister PCs to improve student literacy through Read to Succeed

Quality education starts with improved literacy: Pallister

A new Progressive Conservative government will invest in the tools required to improve literacy rates and learning results amongst elementary school students through its Read to Succeed program.

“Our parents instilled in us the value of a quality education as the key stepping stone in making a better life for ourselves,” said PC Leader Brian Pallister. “Under the Selinger NDP, the quality of education has eroded in our province and we’ve gone from being a leader to having the worst national scores in literacy, math, and science. This is not acceptable.”

Pallister announced a PC government will develop a Read to Succeed program to ensure children graduating Grade 3 are able to read at or above national levels.

The Read to Succeed program will include:

  • A focused ELA (English Language Arts) curriculum with identified and specific learning literacy objectives.
  • More purposeful reading and writing in every subject.
  • Collaborative reading assessment teams to assist students whose reading proficiency is low or not improving to determine actionable improvement strategies.
  • Provincewide reading labs with trained educators and effective resources.
  • Enhanced mentorship programs linking middle years students with early years students to help improve their literacy skills.

A new PC government will also develop and invest in this long-term literacy plan in consultation with front-line education stakeholders. We will establish a clear and reputable benchmarking system for student literacy with key milestone indicators to track progress through their educational career so they can read to succeed.

“The NDP approach to education has allowed many young Manitobans to fall through the cracks despite the best efforts of hard working and dedicated teachers and educators,” added Pallister. “We recognize there are challenges to overcome in our educational system. We gladly accept those challenges. Making education a priority is part of our Better Plan for a Better Manitoba.”

Additional resources of $7 million will be provided to deliver the Read to Succeed program.