Pallister shares priorities for a strong Manitoba - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

Time for government to reflect Manitoba values: Pallister

Manitobans got a vision of what a PC government would look like today, as leader Brian Pallister delivered his Fresh Energy, New Ideas: Priorities for a Better Manitoba alternative throne speech at the legislature.

The five values that Pallister believes reflect the hopes of Manitobans eager for change are: trust, compassion, common sense, inclusion and teamwork.

“Trust to bring integrity back to government, compassion to put caring at the centre of our work, common sense to ensure value, inclusion to create opportunity for all, and teamwork to partner for prosperity – these will be our guiding values should we be privileged to form government,“ Pallister said.

Pallister set out 20 action items stemming from the values outlined in his speech including reducing ambulance fees, shrinking the size of cabinet by one-third, introducing a new open government bill, and promoting a new relationship with Aboriginal Peoples.

Manitobans need a new government they can trust, with fresh energy and new ideas – a government that demonstrates Manitoba values each and every day in every decision it makes. 

“These are just some of the key priorities we would be acting upon as your government,” Pallister added. “They are not the last word on what we will do. More is to come, much more.”

To download a copy of the Alternative Throne Speech, click here.