Pallister Supports Female Athlete - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

I value sports and education and this allows me to support both: Pallister

PC Leader Brian Pallister donated $1,600 to a student athlete at Brandon University earlier this month. The donation is part of a legacy of donations to women’s sport Pallister has been committed to for several years. The first every ‘Pallister Women’s Athletic Award’ was presented to Bobcats basketball player Stephanie Hunter.

“As a father of two girls, I know how important it is to support female athletes. My wife Esther and I have both benefitted greatly from the joy of sport and wanted to share that joy with others,” said Pallister.

Earlier this year Pallister donated $10,000 to Brandon University to create a bursary for young female athletes for years to come. BU matched that donation to push the bursary to a value of $20,000.

Brian Pallister has provided financial support for dozens of young high school graduates who may not otherwise have had the ability to participate in sport. Brian played basketball for the Bobcats and calls the experience a catalyst for his future success in business, politics and his personal life.