Pallister vows ‘Fair Say’ for municipalities

Basket funding will allow autonomy and reduce red tape

A new Progressive Conservative government will simplify infrastructure funding mechanisms, create a single window access to programs, reduce red tape, and establish a new partnership process with municipalities to allow them greater autonomy and the ability to more effectively address local priorities.

“The province funds all municipalities including The City of Winnipeg through a variety of programs and mechanisms burdened with red tape and conditions that lack clarity for municipalities,” said PC leader Brian Pallister. “We will provide a ‘Fair Say’ to municipalities with a new basket funding approach to revamp the current funding model. Municipalities will have greater flexibility and autonomy to more effectively respond to local priorities.”

Funding from the province often has strings attached and is riddled with red tape in application processes that stifle the municipalities’ ability to budget appropriately and use provincial funds effectively to address municipal priorities.

A new Progressive Conservative government will provide municipalities with a ‘Fair Say’ by:

  • Developing a new partnership process with the Association of Manitoba Municipalities (AMM) and the City of Winnipeg to establish a basket funding model and lessen the application-based funding approach.
  • Working with the AMM and the City of Winnipeg to prioritize capital projects based on a return on investment model in advance of major capital decisions - not for short-term political motivation as has been the practice under the Selinger NDP.
  • Reducing red tape and allowing more efficient access to programs through a single window system.
  • Ensuring all infrastructure dollars budgeted are fully allocated and spent to benefit all municipalities. The PC party has committed to invest no less than $1 billion annually in strategic infrastructure.
  • Working with municipalities through our commitment to a new and improved doctor retention and recruitment program.

Municipalities have long expressed frustration with the municipal funding process and with the Selinger NDP government’s forced amalgamation onto a third of our province’s municipalities.

“We recognize there is only one taxpayer and there needs to be a collaborative approach to how projects are determined and funded with Manitobans hard earned dollars,” added Pallister. “A new PC government will work in true partnership with our local governments.”