Paramedics should be self-regulated as health professionals - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

Assurance of highest standards, best patient care are reasons to move forward: Pallister

Manitoba paramedics should be designated as health professionals with self-regulation under provincial legislation. The change under the Regulated Health Professions Act is necessary to ensure the highest standards in paramedical care for patients.

“It’s time to allow the important, life-saving work of Manitoba’s paramedics to be done independently under their own regulatory college,” said Opposition Leader Brian Pallister. “If the Progressive Conservatives form government, we will make that change in the interests of safety for patients.”

Paramedics in this province currently work, in part, under regulations enforced by the Manitoba Health Emergency Medical Services Branch in a way that does not ensure public accountability within their profession. The association has long asked that their practice be designated under the Regulated Health Professions Act, as are 22 other health care professions. The NDP government has committed only to studying a move toward self-regulation.

“We need an independent body that puts patients first,” said Health Critic Myrna Driedger. “The public also needs to be confident paramedics are accountable for their actions and their work is rigorously reviewed in a transparent manner.”

“The purpose of regulating health professionals is to ensure the public is protected when they receive health services,” said Eric Glass, Administrative Director of the Paramedic Association of Manitoba.