PC candidate Audrey Gordon response to Jamie Hall, Wab Kinew issue

Audrey Gordon
PC Candidate, Fort Rouge


Offensive and hateful comments like those made by former Liberal candidate Jamie Hall (Southdale) and current NDP candidate Wab Kinew (Fort Rouge), devalue and degrade women and have no place in 2016 in rap music, literature or politics.

The use of unquestionably inappropriate and harmful words by Liberal and NDP candidates calls into the question the judgment of both the Bokhari Liberals and the Selinger NDP.

Ms. Bokhari showed poor judgment in both her choice of candidate for Southdale and her decision not to immediately remove him and condemn his comments.

Mr. Selinger has likewise shown poor judgment in his refusal to condemn the objectionable words of his candidate in Fort Rouge, despite expressing outrage at similar comments made by the former Liberal candidate for Southdale.

The NDP themselves have said the use of misogynistic comments by Mr. Hall is unforgivable in any context. Yet, Mr. Selinger has taken no action within his own party when faced with a similar scenario.

While genuine, unequivocal apologies may open the door to lessons learned and a path to healing, I leave it to the people of Fort Rouge to listen to Mr. Kinew’s lyrics before they judge the sincerity of his qualified apology.

And I leave it to Manitobans to consider the poor judgment and double standard being demonstrated by Mr. Selinger.