PC Party Thanks Lyle Bauer for Contributions - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

We are a better and stronger organization because of Lyle Bauer: Pallister

It is with regrets that we say farewell to Progressive Conservative Chief Executive Officer Lyle Bauer who has taken our organization and moved it forward over the past year.  Bauer has brought a professional management focus to the Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba and set us up for future success.

“I knew when we hired Lyle that he was the person to take or Party to the next level.  While we will miss his daily contributions to the team, we will forever benefit from the structure he has built into our party organization,” said PC Leader Brian Pallister.

"My engagement with the PC Party of Manitoba was specific in regards to mandate and term and both have been delivered.   The attained success could not have been possible without the great staff and volunteers at the Party.  I wish Brian Pallister and the PC Party of Manitoba all the best in the future."