PC Team releases Better Manitoba plan

First party to release full platform with costing: Pallister

The Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba released its complete platform for the April 19th election today, called a Better Plan for a Better Manitoba. It is the only party to do so.

“Our Better Manitoba plan will deliver genuine change for Manitoban families through lower taxes, better services, and a stronger economy,” said PC Leader Brian Pallister. “We will do so in a reasonable, responsible, and secure way that gradually improves our financial situation while protecting frontline services for people.”

The PC Better Manitoba Plan contains over 100 initiatives developed through a three-year policy process with Manitobans. These focus on making our province better in jobs and the economy, health care, education, value in government, and working in partnership with Manitobans.

“Our party is the only one setting out concrete goals to get real results for people and make Manitoba the most improved province in Canada,” said Pallister. “We will focus on results and be held accountable for our progress.”

Those goals are to be the:

  • Most improved province in job creation performance.
  • Most improved province in shortening ER and other wait times.
  • Most improved province in student reading results.
  • Most improved province in family tax relief.
  • Most improved province in partnership initiatives with business and communities.

Pallister noted that the PC plan is the least expensive compared to the Liberals and the NDP. Each of their parties’ promises would add hundreds of millions of dollars to the deficit. Only the PC Party plan would actually begin to reduce the amount of the growing NDP deficit.

“Greg Selinger will have no choice but to hike the PST to pay for his campaign promises,” added Pallister. “We are the only party offering lower taxes for all Manitobans.”