PCs bring forward positive legislation; blocked by NDP - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

Manitobans would have benefited: Pallister

The Progressive Conservative Caucus introduced legislation this session addressing issues important to seniors, young people and small business, but the NDP has rejected these efforts.

“This NDP government has stopped listening to Manitobans,” said Opposition Leader Brian Pallister. “They have rejected these initiatives, and Manitobans will lose out.”

The Seniors’ Rights and Elder Abuse Protection Act brought forward by Emerson MLA Cliff Graydon would have established an elder abuse protection team, imposed a duty to report, strengthened whistleblower provisions and permitted information-sharing to help some of our most vulnerable.

The Cyberbullying Prevention Act introduced by Lac Du Bonnet MLA Wayne Ewasko addressed the NDP’s failure to tackle bullying in Manitoba schools. Two years ago, the NDP introduced anti-bullying legislation with no mention of cyberbullying – one of the most common forms of bullying. The NDP has refused to correct this egregious error and our children will suffer the consequences.

The Workers Compensation Amendment Act moved by La Verendrye MLA Dennis Smook would have provided for the appointment of a WCB advisor to assist employers dealing with compensation claims. The NDP committed to pass this bill in a written agreement and even sent the bill to a committee hearing public presentations, but later reneged on that commitment and voted against the legislation.

Tuxedo MLA Heather Stefanson brought forward The Participation of Manitoba in the New West Partnership Act, which would have required the government to begin negotiations to join the economic partnership involving Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. The NDP’s rejection means Manitobans won’t become part of this important initiative to enhance competitiveness, growth and stability, while reducing trade barriers.