PCs call shame on Selinger’s deliberate scaring of cancer patients

Campaign of fear has gone too far: Stefanson

Greg Selinger’s campaign of fear hit a new and shameful low today when he stated a new PC government would cut cancer care drugs for vulnerable patients and seniors.

“Never before have Manitobans been exposed to such a desperate campaign of fear and lies from a sitting premier and his government,” said Deputy PC Leader and candidate for Tuxedo, Heather Stefanson. “Selinger is playing politics with sick peoples’ lives in a desperate attempt to get re-elected.”

Cancer is devastating. We know the toll the emotional battle takes on those who have bravely fought and survived, those who have lost, and the families of those who have experienced the effects of this terrible disease.

A new PC government has already committed to ensuring front line health care services are protected. We have also pledged to reduce ambulance fees by half, retain and attract more doctors, build more Personal Care Home beds, and establish a dedicated stroke unit. This is part of our Better Plan for a Better Manitoba.

At no time has the PC Party ever said, suggested, or even hinted at reducing patient access to cancer care treatment. We did not and we will not.

Under the Selinger NDP, health care results for Manitoba families have gotten worse not better. Our province has the longest ER wait times in the country, the highest ambulance fees, and the worst doctor retention record.

For the Selinger NDP to use the cancer battle as a last-minute fear tactic in an election campaign is beyond reprehensible.

“It is clear there is now only one question for Manitobans on election day. Do you want more of Greg Selinger’s fear and scare tactics, or hope and change for a better Manitoba on April 19th?” said Stefanson.