PCs champion more tourism investment to promote Manitoba

Increased tourism is key to reaching our economic potential: Pallister

A new Progressive Conservative government will champion Travel Manitoba’s Plan 96/4 to significantly increase tourism investment and share all the “bucket list” tourism experiences our province has to offer.

“Where else can you enjoy first-rate ice fishing in the afternoon and world-class ballet in the evening,” said PC Leader Brian Pallister. “Manitoba has so much to offer visitors from across Canada and around the world. We believe stronger tourism investment is necessary to reach our potential and share all the great things we enjoy with the world.”

A new PC government will increase investment in Plan 96/4 by $28.2 million over the next 5 years. At this new funding level, we believe tourism-related economic benefits to the province (hotels, restaurants, shopping, etc.) have the potential to reach $288 million. As well, an additional $46 million in new tax revenue could accrue to the province.

Under the Selinger NDP, Manitoba lags behind other provinces in tourism investment with $7.5 million allocated annually compared to Saskatchewan, which currently invests $15 million. Investment has not increased in over a decade and Manitoba ranks 10th in Canada in tourism investment.

Manitoba’s competitors are investing and marketing aggressively while the Selinger NDP has stood still and continues to fall further behind other provinces competing for the same tourist revenue.

“If you believe in Manitoba, you promote Manitoba,” added Pallister.

Pallister indicated this would build on the already-announced Progressive Conservative commitment to Yes North to form partnerships and increase investment in tourism to aggressively market all the unique opportunities in our northern communities.