PCs first out of the gate for April 19 election

Full slate of candidates in place with diverse backgrounds: Pallister

The Manitoba Progressive Conservatives are the first party to nominate a full slate of 57 experienced candidates ready to go to work for Manitobans. Marsha Street was named as the candidate for Point Douglas yesterday, completing the Pallister Team.

The PC lineup includes teachers, health-care professionals (including a doctor and a nurse), social workers (including a counsellor for abused women), small business owners, farmers, financial experts, engineers, managers, community service volunteers, members of the military, communications experts and a veterinarian.

“This is a new team of experienced Progressive Conservatives from all walks of life proudly representing Manitoba’s diversity,” said PC Leader Brian Pallister. “And we have 20 women – more than ever before, so I’m very proud of this historic accomplishment.”

Pallister also pointed to the ethnic diversity of the PC Team with pride, as it mirrors the cultural richness of Manitoba.

“We are a new party with a better plan for a better Manitoba,” added Pallister. “We invite all Manitobans to share in our new vision and work with us to build a stronger, better province for us all.”

The PC Team of candidates stands in direct contrast to the Selinger NDP’s dysfunctional team of broken trust and broken government, and the Liberals, who have no team, no plan, and no idea how to pay for their expensive promises.