PCs launch campaign for a better Manitoba

PCs offer genuine change and a plan that will deliver: Pallister

The Progressive Conservative Party under leader Brian Pallister officially kicked off the spring election campaign today, promising genuine change based on shared Manitoba values.

Pallister outlined his party’s policy priorities in his kick-off speech. “We will offer Manitobans a clear choice in the upcoming election, based on trust, compassion, common sense, inclusion and teamwork,” he said to a boisterous crowd of supporters in Winnipeg.

“The central question in this campaign is: Do Manitobans want four more years of Greg Selinger’s broken trust and broken government or do they want genuine change and a plan that delivers results?” Pallister asked the crowd.

The party’s Better Plan for a Better Manitoba will be fully outlined in the campaign and will offer genuine tax relief for all Manitoba families in this election. The Progressive Conservatives are the only party to do so.

A new PC government will restore trust and integrity to government with an open government bill, roll the PST back to seven per cent, ensure children are succeeding at reading by Grade 3, reduce ambulance fees that are now the highest in Canada, and commit to an annual strategic infrastructure investment of no less than $1 billion per year.

The NDP record is one of staggering failures. Manitobans are paying more in PST and other taxes, yet receive less than other Canadians in health-care services and education results.

Under Greg Selinger, sadly, Manitoba leads in last. Last in ER wait times, last in doctor retention, last in test results for students, highest ambulance fees and so much more. This needs to change.

“We’ve been listening to Manitobans. They want change. We have a new, fresh, exciting team we’ve put together with more women candidates than ever before,” Pallister said. “We invite everyone to follow our campaign, join with us and help bring real change to Manitoba’s government.”