PCs Present Bill to Help Business Navigate WCB - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

They pay for it, but have no direct line to get help when they need it: Smook

When employees need the Worker’s Compensation Board, the Worker Adviser Office is set up to ensure they have the advice and support they need. However, employers are often left uncertain about where to direct their questions or concerns as there is currently no Adviser Office to mirror that of the Worker Adviser for employers in need. That’s why Progressive Conservative MLA and Critic responsible for WCB Dennis Smook introduced Bill 206, the Worker’s Compensation Amendment Act (Employer Adviser).

“This is something employers and employer advocates have been asking for.  It’s something that makes perfect sense and we believe the NDP would be irresponsible to ignore this valuable legislation that gives employers the tools they need to successfully navigate the system.  It’s a win for employers and employees.” said Smook.

If passed, this Bill will ensure greater value for both employees and employers. It will provide small business owners in Manitoba with the guidance they need to ensure safe work environments for their employees, and the tools to create a prosperous community in Manitoba for small business. It’s something that’s been needed for too long.

“CFIB is pleased to see legislation introduced to address the frustration small business owners have when navigating the complicated Manitoba WCB system,” said Elliot Sims, CFIB’s Director of Provincial Affairs. “Allowing entrepreneurs access to an independent Employer Advisor Office is a key priority for Manitoba’s small business owners in this legislative session. We thank MLA Smook for bringing forth this Bill and look forward to seeing it debated.”

A PC Government under Brian Pallister is committed to healthy workplaces where both business and employees thrive.