PCs pushing Selinger NDP to produce budget - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba - 2016

Premier must give Manitobans clear financial picture without hiding details: Friesen

The Progressive Conservatives are giving the Selinger NDP government one more day to deliver the complete, detailed budget it’s hiding from Manitobans before the spring election. The fiscal update the NDP is planning to release today is an attempt to cover up the true state of the province’s finances before voters go to the polls in April.

“Manitobans deserve full access to the budget numbers, so they’ll know what taxes the NDP plans to raise and fees they plan to create to cover the costs of their excessive waste and mismanagement,” said Cameron Friesen, PC finance critic. “The premier wants to cover up the impact of the NDP’s $6.6 billion in Throne Speech spending promises on top of the province’s alarming growth in debt.”

After the finance minister said on April 30, 2015 that “there will be another budget before the next election,” the NDP spent $40,000 to conduct public budget consultations with Manitobans across the province. The second-quarter financial report for the first half of this fiscal year shows a deficit that has ballooned by $128 million, or 30 per cent, to $550 million.

To push the NDP to release the budget it’s hiding from Manitobans, PC MLAs will use the legislative day speaking about the importance of releasing the budget.

“The Selinger NDP is pretending it’s providing the province’s financial details,” added Friesen. “Manitobans will not be fooled by the NDP’s deception. The PCs are standing up for Manitobans’ right to the truth about the provincial finances before the April 19 election.”