PCs set out first 100 days of change for a better Manitoba

PC Team will take early action on 15 top priorities of Manitobans: Pallister

A new Progressive Conservative government’s first 100 days upon forming government will focus on concrete results through specific actions on the priorities of Manitobans. 

“It’s time to get Manitoba back on track. Your PC Team is ready to go to work for you on day one,” said PC Leader Brian Pallister. “Our team will be working hard on behalf of Manitobans to deliver change for the better. This is our commitment to making Manitoba the most improved province in all of Canada.”

The PC Better Plan for a Better Manitoba contains over 100 initiatives developed through a three-year policy process with Manitobans. These focus on making our province better in jobs and the economy, health care, education, value in government, and working in partnership with Manitobans.

The first 100 days of a new PC government will immediately deliver on these 15 priorities:

Lower Taxes

  • Abolish the NDP ‘vote tax’ subsidy for political parties
  • Restore the right to vote on tax increases
  • Initiate the value for money review
  • Reduce the size of Cabinet

Better Services

  • Establish Wait Times Reduction Task Force
  • Table The Protecting Children Act
  • Begin to reduce ambulance fees
  • Implement the Open Government initiative
  • Establish Red Tape Reduction Task Force

Stronger Economy

  • Meet with City of Winnipeg, AMM and other municipalities to provide Fair Say on strategic infrastructure investment
  • Engage indigenous leaders on duty to consult                                  
  • Join the New West Partnership
  • Initiate 96/4 Tourism commitment and launch Yes! North
  • Establish the Premier’s Enterprise Team
  • Send Bipole III project to the Public Utilities Board for a proper review

“I want to be your Premier because I want our team to work hard each and every day for you and your family for a better future together,” added Pallister. “On April 19th, together we can make a new start for a better Manitoba.”

To read our Better Plan for a Better Manitoba and supporting costing document, click the links: https://www.scribd.com/doc/307435059/Manitoba-PC-2016-Platform and https://www.scribd.com/doc/307435060/Manitoba-PC-2016-Platform-costing-document