PCs to return vote tax to Manitobans in 2016

The provincial Progressive Conservatives are embracing the true spirit of the season as they announced today they will give back the vote tax subsidy in 2016.

The vote tax is a little-known subsidy designed by the NDP to give $600,000 in total to all parties each year.  Each party is eligible to receive an amount equal to their proportion of votes cast in the last election.

“The vote tax is a taxpayer-funded subsidy for political parties and just one example of NDP wasteful spending. It is even more insidious in this case, as NDP financial mismanagement dictates it be paid with borrowed money,” said PC finance critic Cameron Friesen.

The NDP received 46% of the votes in 2011 and receives 46% of $600,000 each year. The PC Party has refused to accept the retroactive taxpayer-funded political subsidy since its creation in 2013. Money that could be spent on health care, education, or a number of other high priority front line services is instead being used by the Selinger NDP for political staff and false attack ads.

“Manitoba PC Party MLAs and volunteers will continue to ask for support and earn our way. We will not accept the vote tax political subsidy taken forcibly from non-supporters, but will continue to rely on small donations freely given,” said Friesen.