PCs to undertake Yes! North initiative

Partnerships needed to realize the economic potential of northern Manitoba: Pallister

A new Progressive Conservative government will make economic development and jobs a priority in northern Manitoba as part of its Better Plan for a Better Manitoba. 

Yes! North will focus on partnerships needed to attract new companies, assist entrepreneurs, and facilitate expansion of existing businesses to provide quality jobs and a stronger economy in the North. It will focus on two priority areas:

  • Sustainable development of natural resources, including forestry and mining
  • Tourism opportunities, including Beluga whale watching, polar bear and aurora borealis tours, fishing and hunting

“For over three years, our team has been laying the foundation for meaningful partnerships in the North by listening to northern Manitobans in their homes and communities,” said PC Leader Brian Pallister. “Manitoba’s North has incredible economic potential and we will work in partnership to realize that potential for people and communities in this part of our province.”

A PC government Yes! North initiative will make northern economic development a priority by:

  • Establishing a framework for respectful and productive consultations with Indigenous communities
  • Building respectful and effective partnerships involving all levels of government to responsibly and sustainably develop our northern natural resources

Northern Manitoba has an unemployment rate of 35 per cent - the highest in the country. The Selinger NDP has taken the North for granted. Yes! North will focus provincial economic investments to develop partnerships in the priority sectors including tourism and natural resources. 

“We’ve listened and heard the significant challenges we face in the north,” said Pallister. “If you care, you care about results. I want a better life for all Manitobans. Working together as partners we can achieve that.”