PCs unveil 4-point shopping smarter plan to ensure fairness and value

We will end the Selinger NDP’s practice of wasteful contracts: Pallister

A new Progressive Conservative government will implement a four-point shopping smarter plan to ensure fairness and better value for taxpayers from government purchases as part of its Open Government Initiative.

“Manitobans are Canada's smartest shoppers. With some of the highest taxes in Canada under Greg Selinger's NDP they have to be. Manitobans deserve a government that shops as carefully as they do, that keeps taxes down and gets the best value for money. That's the kind of government we'll provide," said Pallister.

A new PC government will:

  • Reduce the use of untendered contracts and ensure they are used only in exceptional circumstances;
  • Increase the powers of the Auditor General to conduct random audits of departmental and crown corporations’ use of untendered contracts to ensure stronger transparency and accountability; and
  • Legislate financial reporting requirements and immediate mandatory disclosure of all untendered contracts, such as Tiger Dams.
In addition to better tendering practices, a PC government will level the playing field and reduce the Selinger NDP red tape preventing Manitoba companies from participating in government tenders.

We will:

  • Restore fairness by eliminating the Selinger NDP policy of forced unionization. A PC Government will allow all Manitobans, whether union members or not, to work on public contracts.

“We need to ensure fairness, and that starts at the top,” added Pallister. “Forcing Manitobans to join a union or divert paid dues to an organization they don’t belong to is not only unfair, it is un-Manitoban.”