PCs will fast-track 1,200 additional personal care home beds

Selinger NDP have failed to address aging population: Pallister

A new Progressive Conservative government will fast-track the construction of 1,200 personal care home beds to alleviate the health care crisis facing seniors and families caused by the Selinger NDP.

“Seniors in Manitoba are bearing the brunt of Greg Selinger’s neglect and broken promises,” said PC Leader Brian Pallister. “Over 1,200 seniors need a personal care home bed and wait times are growing to as much as six months.”

The Selinger NDP constructed only 20 personal care home beds a year during their time in office, compared to 90 a year during the previous decade. The result has been longer emergency room waits, backlogged hospitals and many of our most vulnerable are living in inappropriate conditions awaiting placement in personal care homes.

A new Progressive Conservative government will:

Increase the number of personal care home beds by 1,200 to address the crisis caused by the Selinger NDP. Develop a funding model to fast-track construction of personal care homes with non-profit organizations, faith-based groups and community leaders similar to the successful Heritage Life Personal Care Home in Niverville.

“If you care, you care about results,” added Pallister. “Seniors and their families are paying the price of this broken NDP promise with greater stress and anxiety about the care and comfort of their loved ones.”