PCs will provide immediate tax relief for all Manitobans

Changes will put more money back in pockets of all Manitoba taxpayers: Pallister

A new Progressive Conservative government will eliminate inflationary bracket creep in its first full budget year, while beginning to raise the basic personal exemption, giving Manitoba taxpayers a permanent tax break that keeps up with the cost of living.

“Manitobans are taxed to the max,” said PC Leader Brian Pallister. “Under the Selinger NDP, Manitoba families pay among the highest taxes in Canada but receive fewer services and less value.”

Under the Selinger NDP, the average Manitoba family pays more than $4,000 in additional income taxes and PST every year compared to our neighbours in Saskatchewan.

The Selinger NDP is the only government west of the Maritimes that has refused to automatically raise tax brackets every year to match the rate of inflation. This means many hard-working Manitobans find themselves automatically bumped into higher tax brackets and forced to pay more income tax.

A new Progressive Conservative government will provide immediate and ongoing tax relief for all Manitobans by:

  • Indexing the tax brackets and the basic personal exemption by the rate of inflation within our first full budget year.
  • Further raising the basic personal exemption towards the national average within our first term.

“Bracket creep is a stealth tax,” said Pallister. “Ending this practice gives every Manitoba taxpayer a break.”

The Selinger NDP has taken more than $1 billion from Manitobans by broadening the PST base to tax more goods and services and increasing the rate of the PST to 8%. Greg Selinger promised not to raise the PST but did so anyways.

“Our better plan provides tax relief for all Manitobans, including those most in need,” added Pallister. “We believe in lower taxes unlike the NDP.”