PCs will provide lower taxes to build stronger economy

Selinger NDP has taken $5,000 from average Manitoba families in higher taxes: Pallister

The Progressive Conservatives are the only party committed to lowering taxes for all Manitobans. With our better plan for a better Manitoba, we have provided a detailed and costed platform that will deliver lower taxes to build a stronger economy for all Manitobans.

“Our goal is to become the most improved province in Canada in family tax relief,” said PC Leader Brian Pallister. “Pay more, get less is the Selinger NDP record. Despite paying some of the highest taxes in Canada, Manitoba ranks last in health care and education results.”

The Progressive Conservative better plan for tax relief includes:

  • Reducing the PST to 7 per cent in our first term.
  • Indexing the tax brackets and the basic personal exemption by the rate of inflation within our first full budget year.
  • Further raising the basic personal exemption towards the national average within our first term.
  • Cancelling the NDP vote tax subsidy for political parties, saving taxpayers $2.4 million.

The Selinger NDP promised not to raise taxes last election. By broadening the PST base to tax more goods and services and increasing the rate of the PST to 8 per cent, the Selinger NDP have taken more than $1 billion from the pockets of Manitobans.

The Selinger NDP has taken approximately $5,000 more off the average family’s kitchen table since 2011. Under the Selinger NDP, the average Manitoba family pays more than $4,000 in additional income taxes and PST every year compared to our neighbours in Saskatchewan.

“Tax relief is essential to grow our economy and create jobs,” added Pallister. “The NDP are promising hundreds of millions of dollars this election, but refuse to tell Manitobans just how much higher they will raise taxes to pay for them. He has no choice but to raise the PST. Will Greg Selinger come clean with Manitobans and say whether he will raise it to 9 or 10 per cent?”