PCs will restore Manitobans’ right to vote on major tax hikes

Cabinet ministers will have 20 per cent of ministerial salary cut if they break pledge: Pallister

A new Progressive Conservative government will not hike major income, business, and retail taxes without giving Manitobans the right to vote on it, PC Leader Brian Pallister said today.

Pallister announced a new Progressive Conservative government will bring in legislation in the first legislative session restoring Manitobans’ right to vote on any proposed major tax increases. The Selinger NDP took away that right to force the 8% PST on all Manitobans.

“Manitobans are taxed to the max. They should decide on whether major tax increases are imposed by their government,” said Pallister. “Greg Selinger and his three dozen NDP MLAs took away the right to vote and gave it to themselves. A PC government will restore that right because we respect the voice of Manitobans.”

Pallister also pledged personal accountability for elected officials by mandating a 20 per cent reduction in ministerial salary for the premier and cabinet ministers if they try to take away Manitobans’ right to vote in order to impose a tax hike.

“Greg Selinger ran on a promise not to raise taxes, but he broke that pledge immediately following his re-election,” added Pallister. “Now he is saying that his so-called ten-year PST tax grab is forever.  Our measures will keep taxes down for working families and require government to listen to Manitobans if they choose to raise taxes.”