PCs will roll back PST to seven per cent within first mandate

Families will save hundreds of dollars per year through lower sales tax: Pallister

A new Progressive Conservative government will roll back the provincial sales tax rate to seven per cent during its first term, allowing Manitoba families to keep more of their hard-earned money, said PC Leader Brian Pallister.

A PC government will reduce the PST rate from eight per cent to seven per cent within its first mandate, after a thorough value-for-money audit of all departments to find efficiencies and eliminate waste,” said Pallister. “This is just one way that Manitobans, who have grown tired of paying more and getting less under the Selinger NDP, will see a change for the better.”

Under the Selinger NDP, the average Manitoba family has paid more than $5,000 in additional broken-promise taxes.

The NDP leader promised before the 2011 election that any notion of raising the PST was “nonsense” and “ridiculous.” The NDP then broadened the PST to home insurance and benefits at work, as well as to other goods and services in 2012. They increased the PST from seven per cent to eight per cent in 2013.

Through both of those changes the NDP has taken more than $1 billion from Manitobans. They also broke their promise to direct all that extra revenue to core infrastructure. Meanwhile, the provincial debt has doubled in the past eight years under this NDP government.

"The Selinger NDP breaks promises, but we keep ours," added Pallister. “A PC government will reduce the provincial sales tax for Manitoba families.”