Postpartum Depression Cannot Be Ignored - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

Government must lead in ending the marginalizing of postpartum depression: Driedger

The PC Caucus is committed to making sure those suffering with postpartum depression have access to help. The challenges for new mothers are enormous, but when they suffer from depression or other mental health issues it can often be too much. The government must lead in stopping the marginalizing of what’s often referred to as the “baby blues.”

“Following a tragedy almost two years ago, we have been calling for the NDP government to show leadership in tackling this issue,” said Health Critic Myrna Driedger.

The No. 1 complication of childbirth is depression. According to the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, one in eight new moms experiences postpartum depression.

In anticipation of the NDP refusing to comment on this due to the byelection blackout, we have identified in the Elections Financing Act that matters of public safety or public health are exempt from the blackout.

All Manitobans deserve to have their mental health cared for and to have resources that enable recovery and well-being. Manitoba’s Progressive Conservatives are determined to work together to make Manitoba a healthier place to live.