Premier’s Former Chief of Staff Receives $146,000 - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

What is NDP family feud costing taxpayers?: Goertzen

The political infighting that’s consumed the NDP is costing Manitobans hundreds of thousands of dollars in severance packages, new hirings and time away from work. Manitobans deserve to know exactly how much they will be on the hook for as a result of the NDP leadership race

“Six-figure severance packages, new hires for a quarter of a million dollars, government staff off moonlighting on leadership campaigns -- it all adds up to a whole lot of tax dollars being spent and not much getting done for the people paying the bill,” said Opposition House Leader Kelvin Goertzen. 

An access to information request reveals that Liam Martin, who left as Premier Greg Selinger’s chief of staff in November 2014 while the political revolt was brewing, was paid $146,047 in severance. 

In addition to Martin’s departure and replacement, the premier hired two high-priced advisors at taxpayers’ expense. Selinger’s new principal secretary is being paid $134,000, while a new communications staff member is also earning six figures. 

Goertzen said that all of the leadership candidates should provide an accounting as to which government staff are absent from their jobs to work on leadership campaigns and what the cost of their replacements are.