Raise Rental Allowance Now - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

Affordable housing is the key to making Manitoba children safer: Pallister

Progressive Conservatives continue to advocate for the immediate increase to the rental allowance portion of Employment and Income Assistance (EIA) to 75 percent of median market value. The NDP has continually voted against raising the rental allowance.

“Manitobans have good reason to doubt the promises of the NDP who make them and break them chronically,” said Opposition Leader Brian Pallister. “Families don’t need more promises, they need action and we have been calling for action on this for over two years now.”

“We believe the need is now, not in the future.  Those struggling to find money for food and clothing are struggling today and we need to help them today,” said Jobs and the Economy Critic Heather Stefanson.

Ensuring our children are healthy and safe starts with a home.  An immediate increase to the EIA housing allowance is the obvious place to start.  This is one of the first policies put forward by the PC Caucus under Brian Pallister’s leadership, and we continue to push for it. 

Raising the rental allowance is the right thing to do, and the NDP needs to do it now.