Response to NDP Infrastructure announcement

The NDP’s infrastructure pledge is nothing more than re-announcing old failed promises to Manitobans. For years the Selinger NDP has made infrastructure promises they just don’t keep:

  • The $10 billion pledge was first announced in 2013 when they hiked the PST.
  • The 100,000 jobs are person-years of employment.
  • The NDP continues to ignore their partners at the municipal level by promoting their own pet projects instead of infrastructure that municipalities want and need (ex. Louise Bridge not a priority for City of Winnipeg).
  • The NDP continue to re-announce projects year after year such as the cloverleaf on highway 59 and the perimeter (first announced in 2007, second announcement in 2011, re-announced in 2014 and again in 2015).

For the past 4 years, the NDP underspent their own budget on infrastructure such as roads, highways and bridges by over $300 million.

A new Progressive Conservative government will invest no less than $1 billion a year in strategic infrastructure with the goal of supporting economic growth in Manitoba. Our funding will be guaranteed and predictable to enable better civic and business planning and will provide a measurable return on investment.

We believe in strategic infrastructure investment that will help grow Manitoba’s economy as part of our Better Plan for a Better Manitoba.