Selinger breaks promise, abandons own Green Plan

Selinger breaks a promise he made just months ago, that’s a record even for him: Martin

Today, Greg Selinger announced he would not setup a new energy efficiency agency saying Manitobans should fear anyone proposing to do so. But that’s not what he said just a few months ago when Selinger proclaimed immediate action to create a new demand side management agency was a “key initiative” within the NDP Green Plan.

“Selinger promised a new energy efficiency agency in December and broke that promise in March – that’s a record even for him,” said Shannon Martin, PC Conservation Critic and candidate for Morris. “We will keep the promise Selinger has broken today and create an independent energy efficiency agency experts have endorsed so we can protect our environment and give Manitobans a break on their monthly hydro bills.”

On December 3, 2015 Selinger announced his Green Plan. The first bullet of the NDP plan reads:

Manitoba will take immediate action to create a new demand side management agency, establish energy savings targets, work to lower utility bills by taking the existing Power Smart program to the next level and support adoption of green-heating alternatives to fossil fuels such as geothermal technology.

Earlier this month, NDP cabinet minister Dave Chomiak repeated the promise to media, “We have a terrific energy demand side management program. We’ve always said we’re putting in place a separate demand side agency.”

If the NDP endorsed the idea earlier this month, why is Selinger saying it is something Manitobans should fear today? More broken trust from a broken government.