Selinger lawsuit raises new questions of serious misconduct

Greg Selinger and senior cabinet minister Steve Ashton are being sued personally for alleged misuse of confidential commercial information on a matter of vital public interest.

A lawsuit brought by Omnitrax and subsidiary companies alleges that highly sensitive financial and business information was provided to the government on a strict non-disclosure basis. This information related to efforts by the Omnitrax group to finalize negotiations with Mathias Colomb Cree Nation on a previously announced potential sale of the commercial businesses critical to the viability of Churchill.

The lawsuit alleges misuse of this information - through release to Opaskwayak Cree Nation - compromised these negotiations and constituted “deliberate, high-handed” and “outrageous interference.”

This raises serious questions about potential linkages between this lawsuit and the ongoing ‘Hydro jobs for votes’ investigation currently being conducted by the Elections Commissioner on an earlier deal reportedly struck to preserve Selinger’s NDP leadership and help the NDP election campaign.

Manitobans should be very concerned when the highest elected official in the province is sued for alleged misconduct as part of a string of ethical violations.

Greg Selinger and Steve Ashton need to immediately explain their actions to all Manitobans, including the connection between this new lawsuit and the controversial ‘Hydro jobs for votes’ investigation.