Selinger NDP hiding budget from Manitobans

Manitobans deserve detailed disclosure of the province’s finances before the election: Pallister

The budget has been written. The Selinger NDP just does not want you to see it. The NDP must disclose the information they are hiding from Manitobans by delivering a detailed budget during the current legislative session. Manitobans deserve full access to the budget numbers so they can make an informed choice in the coming election. 

“Manitobans deserve complete information on the NDP’s financial mismanagement and increasing debt,” said Opposition Leader Brian Pallister. “The Premier has a budget but is withholding it to avoid informing voters of the alarming growth in NDP debt and the full details of the NDP tax hikes necessary to pay for his $6.6 billion in new spending promises.”

On April 30, 2015, the finance minister said “there will be another budget before the next election.” The Selinger NDP conducted budget consultations with Manitobans in the ensuing months at significant expense to taxpayers, with the clear understanding there would be a full budget during this session.

Following spending promises totaling $6.6 billion since last November’s Throne Speech, public accounts showed the NDP’s deficit had grown by an additional $128 million – 30 per cent larger than budgeted for the second quarter of this fiscal year. The Selinger NDP responded by stating on February 4 it will not deliver a complete budget in the Legislature before the election April 19.

“The Premier is hiding the true state of the government’s finances to avoid telling Manitobans which taxes he will raise to pay for his fiscal mess,” added Pallister. “He owes Manitobans the detailed financial picture he promised them.”