Selinger NDP puts partisan advertising ahead of real action

NDP must disclose how much it’s diverted from conservation to fund its pre-election ads: Martin

Progressive Conservative conservation critic and MLA for Morris, Shannon Martin, today called upon the Selinger NDP to disclose how much money it has diverted from real action on conservation and the green economy to fund an NDP pre-election advertising campaign.

“Manitobans have already been forced to pay more than $1 million for NDP self-promotional partisan ad campaigns,” said Martin. “Manitobans deserve to know how much this latest pre-election ad campaign has taken away from real investments in conservation and building a green economy.”

The NDP has previously spent more than $1 million in taxpayers’ dollars on the partisan Steady Growth, Good Jobs campaign, despite the number of unemployed Manitobans increasing by 13.7 per cent since Greg Selinger became NDP premier in 2009. This represents the biggest increase in unemployment of any Canadian province.

Similarly, the NDP has spent an undisclosed amount of Manitobans’ tax dollars to create the false impression it has taken meaningful action on conservation and the green economy. The reality is greenhouse gas emissions have risen, not fallen under this government and Lake Winnipeg was designated as the world’s most threatened lake in 2013.

“Manitobans are tired of paying more and getting less under Selinger’s NDP,” added Martin. “Earlier this week, PC Leader Brian Pallister announced our Open Government Initiative that introduces real action to eliminate taxpayer-funded partisan advertising. Hard-earned tax dollars should be invested in action – not spent on partisan advertising by political parties.”

If elected, a Brian Pallister PC government would empower the Auditor General to review all taxpayer-paid government advertising.