Selinger NDP to hike PST to pay for promises

“Don’t get fooled again”: Friesen

The Selinger NDP’s platform confirms its intention to increase and broaden the PST in order to pay for more than $600 million in campaign promises.

“Greg Selinger’s NDP has announced more than $600 million in vote-buying election promises, but has said nothing about how they plan to pay for them,” said Cameron Friesen, PC candidate for Morden-Winkler. “Selinger’s promises today, just like his promises before the last election, mean a higher and broader PST for Manitoba families.”

Increasing the PST by one percentage point brings the provincial government about $287 million a year in revenue. To pay for their more than $600 million in vote-buying, the Selinger NDP must hike the PST to at least 9% and even 10% as well as expand the tax again to more items. This is exactly what the Selinger NDP did in 2012 and 2013 after promising “no new taxes” before the 2011 election.

Some of the items remaining to be taxed by the NDP through an expanded PST:

  • Gasoline and diesel fuel
  • Entertainment services, including theatre and movie tickets
  • Construction services, including roofing and shingling, eavestroughs, fencing and decks
  • Funeral services
  • Transportation (taxi, bus, rail, air, courier and delivery)

Greg Selinger considered a 9% PST three years ago. Access to information documents, a ruling by the Manitoba Ombudsman and media reports have exposed the Selinger NDP’s attempt to mislead Manitobans about already considering a 9% PST.

“Last time, the NDP added the PST to everything from home insurance to services like haircuts. This time, it will be gas to fill your tank, a ticket to a summer blockbuster or even repairs to your family’s home,” added Friesen. “Only a vote for the Brian Pallister PC Team on April 19 can stop Greg Selinger’s plan to hike and broaden the PST once again.”