Selinger spending spree guarantees tax hikes - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

NDP throne speech steals from our future: Pallister

The Selinger government is guaranteeing tax hikes to pay for a minimum $1 billion spending spree for each of the next five years, as outlined in a preliminary analysis of throne speech promises.

“This represents the worst kind of vote-buying. Even by NDP standards, the spending spree is frightening and will lead to tax hikes,” said Opposition Leader Brian Pallister.

The $1 billion is a conservative estimate of previously unannounced promises. It does not include the rail yard relocation, for example.

Pallister said the pre-election spending spree was even more distasteful because Selinger has already doubled our debt in six years and is now on course to triple it by 2023.

Given the conservative nature of the estimates and the fact the rail yard relocation is not included, the only fiscal target the Selinger NDP is certain to hit is the $1 billion deficit figure.

“Tax hikes kill jobs and make it difficult for hard-working families to get by,” Pallister added. “We need to reduce the PST, eliminate red tape for small businesses, and address bracket creep – things that show Manitobans we’re with them, as partners.”