PCs continue call for stadium audit, even if NDP and Liberals won’t

PCs willing to stand up for taxpayers and prevent future waste: Stefanson

Manitoba PCs are once again requesting that the Auditor General conduct a comprehensive audit of the Investors Group Field construction project. The cost of the stadium has more than tripled from the $115 million originally announced by the Selinger NDP to a reported $376 million, and will likely continue to soar even higher and result in more money out of the pockets of Manitobans.

“The PCs will continue to work on behalf of taxpayers and with an audit, we can learn what happened and prevent future waste of this magnitude,” said Heather Stefanson, Opposition critic for the City of Winnipeg. “I am surprised and disappointed that the Liberals have adopted the Selinger NDP approach of less transparency and accountability for Manitoba taxpayers. Audits of this nature are within the existing mandate of the Auditor General and do not cost the taxpayers any additional money.”

Recent comments by the Manitoba Liberals opposing an audit require an explanation as to why they are unwilling to stand up for taxpayers. Following the latest reported price tag of $376 million and growing, Manitobans understand that wasteful spending costs more and that someone should be held accountable for the mismanagement of this project.

“We are prepared to continue that work as Manitoba's next government and ensure the prevention of such waste,” Stefanson added.