Statement from Cliff Cullen on potential mine closure in Flin Flon

The following is a statement by PC MLA and Official Opposition Critic for Mineral Resources Cliff Cullen regarding the potential closure of the 777 mine in Flin Flon:

The community of Flin Flon is understandably concerned about the future of their community and loss of a significant number of high paying jobs in the region, while the Selinger NDP continues to provide misinformation on the state of mining in Manitoba.

The Manitoba Progressive Conservatives would develop the potential of the greenstone belt and we are committed to working with industry, Aboriginal peoples and other stakeholders. We need to find the resources, keep the existing jobs while creating new ones, and develop wealth in the north.

Mining is a major force in the provincial economy and the engine of northern development, contributing hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue and creating thousands of high paying jobs. The mining sector is one of the largest employers of Aboriginal people in the province.

Our long term strategy supports the mineral exploration sector in doing what they do best: find the next mine in Manitoba, while respecting the environment.

We will work with industries and Aboriginal peoples to ensure the continued sustainable development of the province’s mineral resources in a way that benefits northern and Aboriginal people, northern communities and the province.