Steve Ashton: All Ribbon, No Road - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

Mr. Ashton has a long record of dithering, tax grabbing and flip-flopping: Pallister

As Infrastructure and Transportation Minister, Ashton did not deliver for Manitobans.  He cut a lot of ribbon, but ribbon didn’t mean road in the end.  Since 2009 total investments in infrastructure were underspent by more than $2.2 billion – All talk, no action.

Steve Ashton is the only MLA to have voted in favour of all three of Manitoba’s largest tax increases: the PST hike in 2013, the PST expansion in 2012 and the various tax increases in 1987 totaling almost $1 billion – Hasn’t met a tax hike he doesn’t like. 

As minister responsible for emergency measures, he failed to respond to emergencies such as this past summer’s flooding around Lake Manitoba and Lake St. Martin. Water is still dangerously high in these areas and a spring flood could spell disaster for residents, producers and First Nations in the area – Bailed out of post as flood season approaches. 

Under Ashton’s watch there are still nearly 1,900 unresolved compensation claims from the disastrous floods of 2011 and 2014 and he has tried to strong arm producers into settlement deals – He lacks compassion. 

Ashton opposed a referendum on the PST and fought in court to have it declared unconstitutional. Ashton now claims to Manitobans that he agrees with Brian Pallister and the PCs and supports a referendum on the PST increase – Steve Ashton is a flip-flopper.