Theresa Oswald – Rebel with a Record - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

Ms. Oswald’s record in office speaks for itself, but deserves a reminder: Pallister

As health minister she promised everyone who wanted a family doctor would have one by 2015 and still thousands of Manitobans are without – makes promises she can’t keep.

Under her watch waiting times at emergency rooms grew to the longest in the country, as did waits from many other health care services – she can’t deliver. 

She didn’t want to raise the rental allowance for those on social assistance, as proposed by the PCs, for three years until she became a leadership candidate – that’s artificial compassion.

There were fewer jobs in Manitoba’s key sectors like transportation, manufacturing and agriculture when Ms. Oswald abandoned the Ministry of Jobs and the Economy than there were when she took the job – she’s a job killer. 

Oswald rebelled against her own party when polls started to fall and decided to distance herself from her caucus colleagues in order to save herself – lacks integrity.