Time for NDP to Act on Empty CFS Promises - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

Tears and rhetoric from Family Services Minister are not enough to keep kids safe: Wishart

The NDP government continues to promise to stop using hotels to house at-risk youth in the care of Child and Family Services. Meanwhile, these kids continue to be put in danger. NDP broken promises to end the use of hotels goes back nearly a decade. The Family Services Minister’s latest promise to stop using hotels comes after an assault this week on one such teen allegedly by another teen in care – both of them staying at the same downtown Winnipeg hotel where Tina Fontaine was placed before she was murdered last summer.

“The NDP needs to explain to the people of Manitoba, today, why it has continued to use this hotel for vulnerable youths,” said Ian Wishart, Opposition Family Services Critic. “Manitobans also deserve to know whether a timely and publicly released review of what happened to Tina Fontaine could have prevented this week’s critical assault on the 15-year-old girl.”

The Progressive Conservatives continue to call on the NDP to immediately provide the public with the results of an internal review of CFS involvement with Tina before her disappearance and heartbreaking death. The NDP says it is just getting around to the first steps in the review, but refuses to make even redacted results public.

The PCs have pressed this issue for years while the NDP has done nothing but make empty promises and try to minimize its seriousness. The same rhetoric and broken promises from the Minister are endangering vulnerable youth in care. Sadly, the people of Manitoba have lost confidence in this Minister and have no reason to believe the latest promises from this same NDP government.