Time for NDP to Pull Plug on Self - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

NDP infighting is doing nothing to solve real problems faced by Manitobans: Pallister

The people of Manitoba, and only the people of Manitoba should have a say in who their premier is. This is what has been missing from the debate over whether the current premier is capable of leading this province.

“NDP cabinet ministers have been so self-absorbed this week that they are not focused on the needs of Manitobans. They have not been working to make health care better or ensure our broken child welfare system is repaired and improved. This is a team that is focused on internal squabbling and needs to pull the plug on itself before the situation worsens even further,” said Opposition Leader Brian Pallister.

The NDP government has fostered a culture of blame-placing, blaming the feds, floods, and Filmon for its own failures hasn’t worked. Now the NDP dysfunctional team is blaming its leader. Every NDP team member shares the responsibility for the failures of this government.

The only real option the premier has is to call an election and let Manitobans decide who will lead the province going forward. Who leads the NDP into that election is not Manitobans problem, but ensuring the province is well governed is. Let Manitobans decide who the next premier will be.