Time to Pull the Plug on Bipole III - Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

Hydro rates will shoot up and that means Manitobans will suffer: Pallister

Before the last election the NDP proposed a transmission line called Bipole III at a cost of $1.1 billion. Now that cost has jumped to $4.6 billion and continues to climb. Manitobans are the owners of Manitoba Hydro and it’s time they had a say in the future of their most important crown corporation. They need to have a say on a transmission line to a dam that may never be built.

“We are calling on the NDP to put the best interests of Manitobans ahead of ideology and stop all construction on the Bipole III transmission line until a full financial needs assessment is done,” said Opposition Leader Brian Pallister.

In the last election the NDP promised Bipole III wouldn’t cost Manitobans a cent and all costs would be borne by American customers. Hydro President Scott Thomson in testimony to a Legislative committee said it would be all rate payers that would pay for the new line.

This is the biggest waste of money in the history of the province. The NDP refuses to listen to the advice of expert witnesses. Hydro officials suggested going down the east side of Lake Winnipeg would lower costs. The NDP refuses their advice too.

The NDP has increased your Hydro rates 17 times since they were elected and 5 times since Greg Selinger became premier. The NDP pitched the Bipole III transmission line at a cost of $1.1 billion dollars, but now its $4.6 billion. It’s time to let the real owners of Manitoba Hydro decide the fate of Bipole III.