Tories will bring ambulance fees back down to earth

NDP has created two-tiered access to health care: Pallister

A Progressive Conservative government will reduce ambulance fees by half beginning in their first year in office, to bring them more in line with the rest of Canada. Manitoba has the highest ambulance fees in the country.

“Seniors and other patients needing care should expect a paramedic at their door, not a $500 bill in the mail,” said PC Leader Brian Pallister. “That’s just wrong.”

The Selinger NDP has created two-tiered health care. When you need an ambulance, you need an ambulance – cost should not compromise care and create anxiety.

Manitobans are struggling enough under the Selinger NDP tax burden. They should not be forced to drive family members to the hospital in these critical situations. 

Prairie Mountain Health in western Manitoba has the highest flat-rate in Canada at $530. The fee in Winnipeg is $522.

Together, we need to improve access to health care for all patients, seniors, and families. Lowering ambulance fees is part of the Progressive Conservative Better Plan for a Better Manitoba.